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Yamaha GC1M Series

Yamaha GB1K G


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Yamaha GB1K G

Yamaha GB1K G

5' 0" Baby Grand Piano

With the power, tonality and expressive range of classic grand pianos, Yamaha baby grands are an admirable choice for smaller rooms and budgets. This Georgian Mahogany beauty features custom wood inlay, empire legs and a slow close fallboard. 

Georgian Mahogany designer cabinet. One of the most elegant looking pianos on the market.


Get more from your acoustic piano

  • 1000's of live piano performances right in your living room
  • Record and playback your own music
  • Silent practice feature allows you to play at all hours day or night without disturbing anyone! When the tv is on, someone is doing their homework, the baby is sleeping, the dog is barking or it's late at night and you need to practice, this feature is a life saver!


  • Key Surfaces:

    White: Acrylic resin; Black: Phenolic resin

  • Duplex Scaling:


  • Tone Collector:


  • Music Desk Positions:


  • Lid Prop Positions:


  • Lid Prop Safety Stop:


  • Lid Edge:


  • Center Pedal:


  • Soft-Close Fallboard:


  • Length:


  • Width:

    59" (149 cm)