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Pre-Owned Yamaha Grand Pianos

Pre-Owned Inventory

One of the finest pianos ever made, the Mason & Hamlin model A is an heirloom. The one piece hard rock maple rim is a signature feature of all hand made pianos but the patented tension resonator is unique to Mason and it provides great tuning stability and tone for the life of the piano. The sound of this instrument is very rich and listener friendly, not a harsh note out of 88. The 5’8” size gives you a big sound without dominating the room. The walnut satin finish on this instrument is in fair condition. 

MSRP: $18900  

Sale Price: $4,995

Payments from $130 mo


Use Mason & Hamlin Baby Grand

Wow! What an incredible piano. The Boston 178 (5'10") is manufactured to Steinway specifications, which includes a hard-rock maple rim, Steinway-specified action geometry, a low-tensioned scale design, wide-tail design, hexagrip pinblock, and many other Steinway designs. This piano has a warm and rich tone that is very reminiscent of the more expensive American-made Steinway piano, and is priced here at The Grand Piano Store far less than the MSRP of $32,900.00 for brand new! This is an excellent pre-owned instrument suitable for a professional seeking the best value possible.

MSRP: $32,900 

Sale Price: $10,900

Payments from $215 mo


Classic 5’3” Yamaha baby grand piano in very good condition. It's been well maintained, had one owner, and has been in Arizona since it was new. It has lightening quick action, which is why Yamaha pianos are so desirable. The dynamic range is huge and I can see this piano going to home full of players or someone who wants an heirloom-grade investment. Built in Japan. If you do decide to purchase, you will be in good company. Nora Jones, Justin Timberlake, Alicia Keys, Elton John, and Coldplay all play Yamaha grands! 12-months interest-free financing available!

MSRP: $18900  

Sale Price: $5,995

Payments from $130 mo


Yamaha Baby Grand

Here is a beautiful Chickering Baby Grand from 1996 in good condition! The elegant Queen Anne style legs and designer music rack add a Victorian flare that will make this piano the centerpiece of any space it resides in! This Chickering was actually made by Baldwin and is great piano! Comes with a 10 Year Store Warranty, pre-delivery tuning plus a free tuning in your home upon purchase! 

We've got it priced really low because of some blemishes on the right side of the rim. <b>and we also have access to some great financing options with payments as low as $115 a month!</b>

MSRP: $6,995 

Sale Price: $2,995

Payments from $113 mo


This Palatino baby grand piano was manufactured by the Dongbei Piano Company in China. For a Chinese instrument at an affordable price point, this piano features a responsive action that is medium weight, a clear tone, and long sustain. Low-tension scale design combined with a wide-tail design help this piano achieve a warm singing sound similar to German instruments. The polished ebony finish is timeless in beauty and easy to clean.

MSRP: $10,900 

Sale Price: $4,995

Payments from $130 mo